CERTIFICATE IN Plumbing Execution

AIIOTE equip students to have opportunities as Plumbing Design/Project/Site Engineer in the Plumbing – Building Services Industry. The Course curriculum is designed to provide knowledge and expertise in the Design, Analysis, Installation, Maintenance & Testing of Plumbing Systems per UPC Guidelines.

  1. Introduction to Plumbing ( Water supply, Drainage, Irrigation ) systems and using standards
  2. Plumbing items and fixtures
  3. Plumbing equations and calculations
  4. Water supply in buildings ( gravity systems and pumped systems )
  5. Water demand calculation, Drainage flow calculations
  6. Water supply and drainage Tank/Reservoir sizing
  7. Water supply Pump selection
  8. Hydraulic calculations
  1. Sewage pump selection
  2. Booster pump design & pressure vessel sizing
  3. Water supply and Drainage pipe sizing ( manual, software)
  4. Single and Double stack systems
  5. Sewage lifting tank sizing
  6. Storm water drainage systems
  7. Manhole sizing and cover selection
  8. Invert level calculations
  1. Valves, fittings, and accessories
  2. Outside building water supply
  3. Decorative water system designing
  4. Irrigation system designing
  5. Hot water demand calculation
  6. Hot water system calculations
  7. Hot water re circulation pump selection


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